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Resilienzify -
The Mental Health Course
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Early recognition + action plan in crises +
strengthening for the future
The ultimate program for more performance and quality of life

Resilienzify - The Anti-Burnout Program

In this intensive course you will learn how to manage your challenging everyday life with less pressure and stress and develop resilience. In three online live sessions combined with guided self-learning you will train what matters!

A world full of hustle and bustle

In a world full of challenges, uncertainties and incessant demands, you can easily lose your footing. The constant barrage of information and constant accessibility take a toll on us. That's why we need to learn to be effective, set boundaries and take personal responsibility.

Strength & Serenity

In the Resilienzify course you will learn how to use mental techniques, simple tools and regenerative measures to find even more focus, serenity and inner strength. In the process, you will also develop an awareness of the overriding role that the biology of stress plays in our lives and affects our bodies and minds.

The focus topics of the program

In the modular Resilienzify program, you develop the key competencies for dealing constructively with pressure and stress. 1. sensitization: How do I recognize my stress? 2. processing: How do I process my stress instrumentally, mentally and regeneratively in acute situations? 3. prevention: How do I develop and strengthen my psychological immune system?

Recognize your stress

Recognize your stress

Our biological program and what happens during stress. The consequences of this. Why you have to react when and how.
Turn the wheel!

Turn the wheel!

The levels of stress competence. Work on instrumental, mental and regenerative stress competence.
Develop resilience

Develop resilience

The 7 Pillars of Resilience. How to sustainably improve your own psychological immune system.

The 2-day intensive program

The program starts with an online live session in which you learn the theoretical basics. This part of the course is timed so that you can integrate it at the end of your working day. This is followed by the focus and attendance day. As the name suggests, this serves to transfer theory into practice on site. Afterwards, you will deepen what you have learned with specific microlearning units.

½ Day Online
1 Day Focus and practice
½ Day Self-Learning

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I can absolutely recommend Resilienzify! The content was exciting and insightful and the tools were practical. The best part: I see the first positive changes in my challenging daily work life!

Sibylle, your resilience coach

"There are only two days in life that you can't change. One is yesterday, the other is tomorrow!"
Dr. Sibylle Kaspar, is a renowned top expert in effective stress management and resilience. Sibylle coaches and trains individuals as well as national and international companies on this topic. As a biologist with a PhD, she combines scientific thinking, her own experience as a manager in the pharmaceutical industry with the didactic knowledge and know-how as an adult educator. Her heart's desire is that people realize that concrete changes for the better are possible even in difficult and challenging situations!

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Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
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